Sometimes being biblically conservative in our day has a “Noah” feeling to it. I don’t expect everyone else to look like me, dress like me, talk like me, meet with the same believers I meet with, etc. Just get “in the ark.” The ark comes with a manual. Read it. All this other stuff will settle out just fine. #lifeinChrist

That Thy Faith Fail Not

So, this is a blog.  I recall first hearing the term on a radio show years ago and wondering who would have the time to keep up a blog.  My understanding of its purpose and potential has changed to the point that I’m willing to give it a try.  At 60.  🙂

I have long lamented not having recorded more of the joy that has been mine through the decades of my life as a believer.  As my family knows, I prefer to leave my life before salvation in the ash heap of history, seeing no eternal value in sharing the details of those years. My purpose in a blog is fairly well summed up in the title I chose…”that thy faith fail not.”  This was Jesus’ desire for Peter as the crucifixion drew near.  And it’s my desire for my family, my friends, and all who would live righteously in this present age.  The lines I “pen” here will hopefully have that ultimate goal.  I’m sure there will be unfortunate times when I will record times of hurt and heartache.  But the ultimate goal will never change.  May the person who reads this someday, perhaps even after my homegoing, always see in these lines a burden from a mom or a second mom that their faith fail not.